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Shetty Search  v.3.8

Shetty Search is an extremely fast web search tool that searches web through multiple search engines and shows all of the results in a single HTML file that is created on the fly. Very handy for doing mass search on some of the top engines. Shetty

Niche Spider  v.1.0

Niche Spider - what is it? Simple - it's a spider, a piece of software which grabs specific webpage data. It can grab data from tens of thousands of sites, and then present the data collected in nice, neat pages WITHOUT THE NEED OF ANY DATABASE.

Proxy Sniffer  v.4.2

Encrypted HTTPS connections are decrypted at run-time and their content is shown in plain text. In addition to this, data traffic of "stand alone" web client applications which transfer data using XML, SOAP or ASCII text can also be

CrawlTrack  v.2.3.0

With it they: -detect and block a lot of hacking attempts -track in real time crawlers and spiders activity on their site -follow day after day how their site is known by the main search-engines and social bookmark websites -know the keyword used to

Smart Spidey  v.1.0

Do you have a JSP, PHP or ASP website? Then you can use Smart Spidey to build search engine for your website. For PHP and JSP websites Smart Spidey uses Mysql Database to store indexed data and it uses Microsofts Access Database for ASP websites.

Desktop IRIS  v.3.0.6

Desktop IRIS is an easy-to-use search program that can be successfully downloaded and accessed by anyone. It allows you to intuitively find stored information from your desktop and network without imposing any restrictions on the number of files and

SocNetV  v.0.48

Social Networks Visualizer (SocNetV) is a flexible and user-friendly tool for the analysis and visualization of Social Networks.

Xapian and Omega  v.1.3.0

Xapian is an Open Source Probabilistic Information Retrieval library, released under the GPL.

Crawler Web Security Guard  v.4.5

Web Security Guard helps you protect browser security and privacy FREE!

Web Forge Crawler/Spider  v.1.0

This web explores gforge (for now) based forges, it looks for projectinformation like: Repository url, mailing list mbox urls, .tar.gz urls.After it stores all retrieved information in a mysql database.

ScrapePro Web Scraper  v.

Extensible web scraper platform. - Easy configuration using drag&drop, context menus and wizards - Use custom actions, converters, filters, data sources and user interface plugins - .Net macros - Docking - Error handling - Built-in proxy - API

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner FREE  v.6.0

Acunetix WVS automatically scans your web applications and web services for vulnerabilities: SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Google hacking & other web attacks. WVS can analyze websites using AJAX /Web 2.0 and includes PCI Compliance reporting

Files Crawler  v.1.5

Files Crawler is a file search application. It lets you search tons of files and download music, videos, images, documents and software. Files Crawler is actually performing its search at Google. As Google allows us to search for more than just Web

Combine focused crawler  v.4.003

Combine is an open system for crawling Internet resources. It can be used both as a general and focused crawler. If you want to download Web-pages pertaining to a particular topic (like 'Carnivorous Plants') Then Combine is the system for

Ex-Crawler  v.1.0

Ex-Crawler is divided into 3 subprojects (Crawler Daemon, distributed gui Client, (web) search engine) which together provide a flexible and powerful search engine supporting distributed computing. More informations:

FTP Crawler and Search  v.1.0

FTP crawler is designed to provide an easy web interface to searching files on the FTP and a crawler to index files on FTP

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